Fuqing Overseas Chinese Museum Liem Sioe Liong Memorial Hall is situated at Fuqing Overseas Chinese Park in Fuqing, Fujian. The 6,782-square-meter memorial hall, set against a series of hills and facing the sea, was creatively designed by a team of architects of Shanghai Xian Dai Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd led by chief architect Xing Tonghe. The design of the main structure was inspired by traditional Chinese architecture combined with Nanyang regional architectural elements. Viewed from above, the memorial hall is shaped in four leaves, implying "fallen leaves return to their roots".

Designed and constructed by Guo Hong's team of Beijing Qingshang Architectural Ornamental Engineering Co., Ltd, the display in the four exhibition halls is threaded together by many physical exhibits, archives, pictures, audio-visual materials, scene reconstruction, sand table models and interactive multimedia, aiming to truly and vividly demonstrate the hardships and entrepreneurial history of overseas Chinese along the Maritime Silk Road. On display is also the selfless dedication of famous Chinese entrepreneurs in ASEAN countries, especially in Indonesia, to their hometown while making extraordinary achievements in their countries of residence.

The memorial hall, a patriotic education base for the young at home and abroad as well as a cultural exchange platform for Southeast Asia, aims to contribute to the unity of overseas Chinese and the building of a harmonious society via its mission of "displaying the history of overseas Chinese, remembering their contribution, promoting their spirit and ensuring the continuity of their culture".